About Paru

Manufacturer and Exporter of Leather Handicrafts items.
PARU IMPEX is one of the distinguished manufacturer and exporter of Leather Products, who supported by a team of grass root men’s and women’s artisans who give their best efforts for taking us to the heights of success. Our goal is providing support to artisans and craftsmen in the unorganized sector of our society, who are talented in their traditional crafts but could not get better value for their work due to lack of access to proper marketing.
We use quality leather in our own manufacturing unit to ensure that the end products are flawless in quality. The products are available in various sizes, designs and patterns. Further, these can be customized as per the demands of our valued customers. These are appreciated by domestic and international clients owing to features like perfect finish, shine, color, high tear strength and glossy appearance. We have with us latest production facilities that allow us to maintain International quality standards in our product rang PARU IMPEX is following all the fair Trade Standards. We are SA 8000 certified company and we are the member of export promotion council of Handicraft also.

We have 90 Artisans directly working with us. There are also 20 artisans groups associate with us who are producing leather handbags for men and women, wallet, purse and belt etc. We are not doing business but are very much aware about the environmental issues, the nature and our commitment towards social responsibility. We are with the people in their journey of life.  

Our Object:

In the present day world business scenario, we find that business enterprises across the globe, are resorting to unhealthy and cutthroat competition in the name of doing business.

PARU IMPEX as an enterprise, want to keep ourselves away from these unhealthy practices. Instead of doing business with profit earning as the only motive, our Endeavour is to earn a minimum profit and also to include certain social welfare programmers  in our business process.

The Object of PARU IMPEX is to ensure to provide job to more number of people and make arrange to get proper wages on time through our business process. Secondly we would like to emphasize on importance of environment. It is also our duty to ensure that in order to make profit, our business activities must not cause any harm or damage neither to the environment nor to the human life/ who are dependent on nature.

The material we use for production and the place where production process is carried out do have all the necessary arrangement to prevent environment pollution and also to ensure that the artisans work in a congenial and healthy environment at the place of work.

Lastly, what, we are also concern about is social awareness. Not only arranging for jobs, Assuring payment of wages or coming environment friendly, We want to go beyond that. We want to think, beyond the relationship of buyer-seller, labor-owner and think of social bonding which is not about exchange but is actually a chain which binds everyone in a dream of a healthy and wealthy world order.